Viewing your non-profit or church as a “brand” may not be the preferred term. However,  if your purpose involves appealing to an audience, drawing them in, and keep coming back; it’s the correct term with good intentions.

We can help grow that brand by building (or rebuilding) your website, collateral, and everything in between. In parallel again to the business world, first impressions matter, which is why we take approach in building your brand’s most public facing market: your online audience.  Purposed Marketing came together through various aspects of marketing, web-design, and church leadership roles. Our goal to be honest and real hasn’t changed despite our years of experience (for reference: check out this article from our perspective back in 2009).

Let us help build your brand’s purpose. Contact us today!

Reach your community and make your marketing team more efficient with Purposed Marketing! Automate and update your weekly content creation and church announcements. 
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